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Below we show the most significant points in the development of what is now Kupsa since its origins more than forty years ago to the present.


KUPSA was created in 1969 as a result of the entrepreneurial spirit and initiative of its founder.


Thanks to the good work of the Technical-Sales team the old facilities are insufficient to cover the demand for our ‘excellent’ products. Thinking ahead to the future, a great effort is made to purchase a site of 50,000 m2 (now 90,000 m2) to build the new premises, where the company is located today: Factory I, Research and Development Laboratory, Offices and Product Warehouse.


Factory II and the Resins Warehouse are built.


The Production Plant undergoes great expansion and a large Finished Product Central Warehouse is built.


The company attends the Maderalia Trade Fair in Valencia and presents a comprehensive range of UV DRIED products for wood and similar products. These are applied on the stand, cause quite a stir in the market, and confirm KUPSA’s desire to consolidate itself as one of the leading firms in the wood coating sector.


Further extensions and improvements in the production and distribution areas. Factory IV, Factory VI and Resins Warehouse II are built and the present Raw Materials Warehouse is refurbished and doubled in size. Commercial operations start in Portugal.


The first industrial applications abroad are achieved, processes of LACQUERING WITH UV DRYING and application to ROBOTS:

  • UV Finish Lacquering: the second industrial application in the world of a white finish UV dried in an on-line installation with a robot.
  • UV Base Lacquering: First industrial application in the world of a UV dried white base in an on-line installation with a robot.


The Sales Offices and Laboratory building is built.


Entry into service of the new R+D and Applications Laboratories, in line with the company’s vocation of innovation and service. Commercial operations start in France.


A major segmentation of the production area is carried out, with specific units for manufacturing different products according to their type. Start-up of Factory V, for the manufacture of UV dried polyesters, varnishes and lacquers.


The new resin production plant enters services. This gives the company a solid base to ensure KUPSA’s future in the market. ISO 9001 certification is obtained in the same year.


With the aim of conserving the environment, a research team is set up in our laboratories that would lead to the commissioning of a new line to manufacture water-based products, Factory VII.  Other buildings on which construction work starts are an intermediate products manufacturing unit, Resins Warehouse III and a 1,000 m2 Packaging Unit.


Factory III is completed to manufacture intermediate products.

A subsidiary is opened in Poland and a project to give the company an international dimension is launched. The list is not closed, indeed right now it continues to grow through new projects that are taking shape on  a daily basis.


KUPSA currently has a production capacity of over 30,000 tonnes per year of products for wood finishes, furniture, industrial carpentry and similar products, plastics, etc… which puts it, both in terms of production volume and the technology used in the design and manufacture of the products, in the vanguard of the sector in Spain.