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Research and Development are part of our DNA

At present Kupsa with the production capacity of more than 30,000 tonnes of products for furniture and carpentry items, placing it in the vanguard of the sector in Spain, both in terms of production volume and the technology used in the design and manufacture of its products.


Offer a product for each specific customer need.

Develop products with in-house technology.

Position in the market as a high-performance coating manufacturer.

Working philosophy: continuous improvement.


In Kupsa’s facility the Technical Department occupies over 1,100m2, distributed in three clearly differentiated areas depending on the functions in question:


Six independent laboratories and common applications area.


Five independent laboratories and common applications area.


Two independent laboratories.

All these technical sections have with the latest available equipment in their areas of work. In Applications, for example, there are small-scale models of the machinery that can be found today in the coating lines for our customers: inkers and roll coaters, curtain coaters, printers, hot air and UV drying tunnels… This allows us to evaluate the characteristics of the products in a semi-industrial application situation.

Only the highest standards
of advice for our clients

It is not just coatings, inks and lacquers…that Kupsa offers its customers.

In the furniture sector good advice and technical assistance that is closely linked to users’ needs are just as important as a competitive product and are an essential add-on.

From this point of view the finishing processes that are specifically developed for one or more customers are perhaps the most outstanding ‘product’ of Kupsa. The technical services of the company do not restrict themselves to ensuring that the products function properly but try and get an overall vision of our customers’ work procedures to provide further advantages to those contributed by the product itself.
This clearly means added value for the materials manufactured by Kupsa: Having the back-up of a dynamic technical team that can offer the best advice in each case.