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Humanitarian aid for Ukranie

From our Kupsa Coatings in Poland, humanitarian aid has been sent to help civilians harmed by the conflict that is taking place these days. The director, Adam Buzinski informs us that:

The war in Ukraine brought strong need of suport the civil people living in that big country.

Thousands families had to leave own flats and houses and escape to more quiet and safer places.

Those who have stayed in own cities and villages have to face the situation of real war unknown in Europe of XXI century.

That is why Kupsa Coatings – together with the Ukrainian Partner decided immediatelly to join to the chain of help for Ukraine - created in a spontaneus way just after outbreak of the war.

Following the informations from our Ukraine, Kupsa Coatings have transmitted several pallets of different goods defined as necessary for this horrible time.

Thanks to very good communication with our Partner in Lviv, we got sure that all the items sent to them would be used in best way.

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