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Kupsa adquires the portuguese company Tintas Lacca S.A.

At the beginning of this month of April, the acquisition by Industrias Químicas Kupsa S.L. of 100% of the shares of the Portuguese company Tintas Lacca S.S. has been completed.

Tinta Lacca S.A. is a company specialized in the segments of wood varnishes, decorative and industrial paints. Founded in 1981, it has a recognized prestige in terms of the quality of its products within the Portuguese market.

With this operation, Kupsa Coatings wants to consolidate its already long presence in the Portuguese market, with a location that will allow it to improve its customer service and on-site preparation of certain special products. At the same time, Tintas Lacca S.A. will continue with its own commercial activity, which we hope will strengthen and greatly increase the synergies offered by the range of Kupsa Coatings products.

We welcome the entire Tintas Lacca team and we already receive them as an integral part of our group

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